You might not know this, but Pink Toast owner Carrie Barker and her friend Sarah Baucom founded a company called Pink Social selling t-shirts that empower women and women entrepreneurs. From this company came a community called “Girl Tribe”! This community consists of over 1,000 women who believe we can end “girl on girl war” and empower one another.

Sarah and Carrie are so excited to announce their holiday pop up market that will be happening THIS SATURDAY in Charlotte, NC. There will be over 50 vendors that are all small businesses and run by women. You can go the Facebook page to learn more about the pop up and get a sneak peek at all of the vendors that will be there!




Admission is $5 for VIP entry at 11am that day; from 12pm to 5pm, admission is free. Vendors are accepting cash and cards. Men, women, and children are invited to attend. Coffee and food vendors will be on site.


Pink Social by Ariana Clare

photo by Ariana Clare